Higher Education is for Free Minds.


Viewpoint Diversity is an online network that aims to protect our educational institutions from dogma, cancel culture and intellectual purification.

Viewpoint Diversity offers FREE ACCESS to an international online network of teachers, researchers, students, and others fighting for free speech and free thought in higher education.

“As totalitarianism is rising, free speech and free thought are under attack in higher education thoughout the world. Whether it concerns debates on gender, religion, climate, health, vaccinations, energy or international conflicts: staff and students should be able to talk and think freely, always. Radical pluralism in the form of viewpoint diversity is essential for quality education and research.”

— Laurens Buijs, founder of Viewpoint Diversity

Viewpoint Diversity connects people concerned with radical freedom in higher education throughout the world in a secure, open-source and non-commercial online space.

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